EPIC Students

Be EPIC Today- Effort, Prepared, Integrity, Compassion
Our word of the year is “EPIC” which stands for: Effort, Prepared, Integrity, and Compassion. We believe better people, make better students. Everyday we will challenge our students to be EPIC! To be a school of excellence, we must be intentional about the things we say, do, and think. This word and the character traits it stands for will help unite us as we strive towards excellence.
We will be on the lookout for students who are EPIC! Last week we rolled out our "Sting Stamp program". This is our character development program in which students earn stamps for their EPIC behavior (Effort, Prepared, Integrity, Compassion). Each week, students can trade in their stamps for stuff on Mrs. Artman's infamous cart! Our goal is to celebrate all of the great character that our students display each day on campus. Below is a link for the announcements for the week.